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Why use a transfer agent?

Securitize does more than just enable digital securities. As the first U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered Transfer Agent in the digital securities space we take the risk out of recording changes in ownership, maintaining corporate security holder records, and canceling and/or issuing digital securities.

Trading Digital Securities vs. Paper-Based Securities

See how digital securities and the Securitize platform can save your investors and shareholders time and money during ownership transfers. Compliantly settle trades in minutes instead of months.

Our Services

Securitize utilizes end-to-end digital transfer agent technology to save you time and money.

Payouts & Distributions

US Dollar, International, Crypto

Offer your clients the option to complete the distribution process online with ACH, wire transfers, paper checks, or digital currency. Quickly and easily generate requisite tax documentation.


Powerful comms for investors

Communicate directly with shareholders using our investor outreach module. Issuers can manage and create transactional and marketing campaigns to inform shareholders of company news or events.


Voting tools

Manage voting events easily and entirely online from a single dashboard and hold annual or special shareholder meetings throughout the year

Issuer Services

Industry leading platform

Our feature-rich core platform that enables issuing and managing digital securities seamlessly integrates with all our TA services. Easily handle clawbacks & re-issuance.

Blockchain Power

Real-time captable

We use blockchain technology to track ownership and compliance for the securities. Secure. Immutable. Single-source of truth. Rule 301(b) compliant.

Section 12(g) Exemption

Maintain private company status

Crowdfunding companies raising with a Reg CF that use an SEC-registered transfer agent qualify for an exemption from Section 12(g).

Why should Securitize be your transfer agent?

  • We are a regulated entity, registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • We offer payouts in multiple currencies, including digital currencies like USDC.
  • We are funded by some of the biggest institutions in the world, such as MUFG, Nomura, Banco Santander, and more.
  • Our TA services work seamlessly with both digital securities and traditionally issued securities.

The Securitize Advantage

The Securitize platform leads the industry in delivering market-ready, customer-driven products and services.

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