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The Protocol Newsletter Industry Spotlight: Stonegate

Read the latest edition of the Protocol Newsletter featuring John McCorvey, CEO of Stonegate Global Fund Services. Read why it makes sense for funds to outsource their asset servicing needs, the release of our turn-key digital asset servicing platform, and where he thinks the institutional investment and asset servicing industry will be in 5-10 years.

1. Who is Stonegate Global and how do you fit into the private asset ecosystem for institutional investment funds?

Stonegate Global is a global fund administration and advisory business that provides a comprehensive suite of services including fund formation, structuring, and administration for all types of private investment fund products, including real estate, private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds.

2. What is asset servicing and why does it matter?

Institutional investment products require a range of asset services and fiduciary services in order to deploy their investment strategies and to provide those investment offerings to investors.

3. Why should a fund consider outsourcing its asset servicing duties?

Many of the asset services are simply requirements for doing business as an institutional investment fund business. Given the range of complexities across the various asset servicing needs, it’s far more efficient to outsource these services to an experienced fund services business such as Stonegate Global.

4. What components of the asset servicing ecosystem does Stonegate provide?

Stonegate Global’s comprehensive solution involves global advisory, fund formation, structuring, and the creation of multi-jurisdictional investment fund products, offshore trusts, and other institutional and family office vehicles, as well as outsourced operations (outsourced CFO/COO/CCO services). Stonegate provides fund administration, corporate administration, AML/KYC, fund accounting, investor reporting, shareholder servicing, RTA services, as well as corporate directorship and registered office services.

5. Where are you able to help structure and create deals and what are the implications of operating in the various jurisdictions?

Stonegate Global’s multi-jurisdictional advisory and structuring includes the creation and domiciliation in the US, Canada, Cayman Islands, BVI, Channel Islands, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Switzerland, UK, and Singapore, amongst others. The choice of jurisdiction is an important one and there is a wide range of factors involved in selecting the appropriate domicile for investment funds, investment management companies, trusts, and other family office and corporate entities.

6. We are working with your team at Stonegate Global to release a turn-key digital asset servicing platform. Can you talk a little bit more about what that is?

Stonegate Global has advised, structured, and administered over 1,000 global investment funds, investment managers, and family offices. Our comprehensive solution provides a much more seamless and higher-quality offering surrounding institutional clients with digital asset expertise. Given our wealth of experience and expertise in fund operations, this translates into more of an effective fund formation and structuring process for complex digital asset funds. We like to call this “starting with the end in mind”. This turn-key digital asset solution incorporates all of our traditional investment fund services and adds a liquidity mechanism for historically illiquid investment offerings.

7. Who was this solution developed for?

Stonegate Global’s comprehensive asset services were developed for existing institutional investment fund products as well as emerging managers seeking an efficient and cost-effective platform through which to launch their institutional investment funds.

8. What are the implications and benefits of this turn-key digital asset solution for those seeking asset servicing?

Access to additional investors, institutional-readiness, efficiency, speed to market, cost savings, and investment liquidity.

9. Where do you see the institutional investment and asset servicing industry in the next 5-10 years?

There is a significant shift occurring in the institutional marketplace towards digitized structures, and the resulting asset servicing of these types of offerings. We believe the digital instruments will be the standard liquidity mechanism over the next 5-10 years. For investment managers and their investors, having a mechanism that provides a way to create liquidity for historically illiquid investments, is a tremendous feature for fund sponsors and investors alike. For investment managers who are launching investment offerings, digitized structures allow them to target both traditional investors as well as investors who prefer to have a digital component for liquidity, thus expanding the universe of potential investors for the investment manager.

About Stonegate Global Fund Services

Stonegate Global Fund Services is an industry leader in fund formation, structuring, fund administration and outsourced operations. The company is a diversified financial services organization that has serviced global institutional investment managers and family offices since 2007, and has advised, structured, and administered over 1,000 global investment funds, asset managers, and family offices. Stonegate Global is one of the world’s leading fund administrators in the Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and Digitization sector. Stonegate Global has built a sophisticated technology infrastructure for providing fund administration services to highly-complex cryptocurrency funds, institutional blockchain technology funds and digitized investment offerings for real estate, private equity and venture capital offerings.

Learn more about Stonegate Global Fund Services here.

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