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Securitize Hires Industry Veteran Scott Harrigan

In Scott's own words:

August 31st, 2020

Hello All,

I am excited to announce that I have joined an incredibly talented team at Securitize as the Head of Issuer Services to deliver a transfer agent experience unlike anything available in the market today.

Prior to joining Securitize, I led the transfer agent and equity compensation business as Head of Public Markets at Carta. I’ve also held senior leadership roles at Computershare across an 18-year career where we supported corporations of all sizes and listened to their frustrations. They expect a transfer agent that can use technology to deliver an automated, intuitive experience for themselves and their shareholders. I believe the industry is ready for change. It’s clear that current transfer agent systems are unsustainable in a world where digitization of all forms of asset classes is increasing at an exponential rate.

This is why I’m so excited to be joining Securitize at this point in my career. By combining decades of experience and knowledge of the TA industry with Securitize’s market-proven technology we have the opportunity to deliver a solution that’s been on the transfer agent industry’s radar for a very long time.

Securitize became an SEC-registered transfer agent in July 2019 and is the first SEC-registered transfer agent to have blockchain-enabled capabilities. The company recently cleared an SEC examination and has its offerings presented to and vetted by regulators internationally. Securitize’s technology, which utilizes a combination of on-chain smart contract and off-chain digitization, makes the issuance, transfer, tracking, and communication processes easier and less expensive for issuers and their shareholders.

The company’s transfer agent products are robust and provide issuers and investors with communication tools, a voting app, and a payout app that allows investors to receive dividends or interest payments in fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Since joining Securitize, I’ve spoken to industry experts who are as excited as I am about the opportunity to revolutionize how we track and transfer assets, both in America and around the globe. I’m elated to participate in this ground-breaking movement with the forward-thinking team at Securitize.

Thank you,

Scott Harrigan


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