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Securitize for Developers: Setting up your site for an STO has never been easier

Securitize DS Issuance Platform is a white-label platform for issuing and managing the life-cycle of tokenized securities on the blockchain.

From investor on-boarding to running KYC and accreditation checks, through gathering funds and the actual token issuance and lifecycle management, Securitize helps issuers deal with all the complexities of issuing and managing a security token offering from a single intuitive platform.

Our goal is to make the issuance and life-cycle management process as smooth as possible. We are constantly working to improve our platform in order to achieve this goal. Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new Developer’s Site, which will allow the integration of our Securitize DS Issuance platform into any website:

The Developer Site provides issuers with all the resources necessary for their developers to integrate the Securitize’s platform into their website in an easy and efficient way, resulting in a fully-integrated experience for potential investors.

Here is a select list of what you can do with the Securitize Developer Site:

  • Integrate Securitize DS Issuing Platform javascript into a site
  • Add invest buttons to the marketing page
  • Customize the investor dashboard so that it aligns with your brand
  • Define e-mail communications to investors throughout the investment process

All these resources and more are available at

We are confident that by utilizing the Developer Site, issuers will be able to simplify the integration of the Securitize DS Issuance Platform into their site, making the investment process for potential investors more streamlined. In addition, the Developer Site will help issuers understand what is needed to prepare their investment opportunity for investors.

We plan to continually expand and improve the resources on our Developer Site, allowing not only the integration of our platform but also adding additional capabilities to simplify the issuance and lifecycle management of DS Tokens.

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Securitize is the end-to-end technology platform for tokenizing any asset. Our DS Issuance Platform and DS Protocol are creating an ecosystem for Digital Securities, with dynamic and open participation of multiple actors (issuers, investors, exchanges), realizing the promise of liquidity, new ownership models and value that comes with Blockchain technology.

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