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Securitize DS Issuance Platform, release 1.6 — Tokenizing new assets and enabling new business models

As we progress along Securitize’s journey to tokenizing the world, we routinely face new challenges from our customer’s specific needs. Resolving these real-world challenges has the benefit of rapidly improving and evolving the Securitize platform in the most efficient and accurate way possible. As we add new capabilities to address our customer’s requirements, not only do we service our existing customers with leading edge solutions, but we are also creating new platform features that will benefit our future customers.

This, of course, is also the case for the latest release of Securitize DS Issuance Platform (version is 1.6, for those of you keeping count 😉). The new release — live today for our latest issuers — includes the usual technical improvements to make it even more stable and scalable, but also comes with some powerful new features. These new features enable new security token asset classes, and business models for Digital Securities (DS) issuers:

  • Multiple round support. Now, fundraising with the Securitize DS Issuance Platform can be planned in a more flexible way, opening and closing several rounds for the same token. With multiple rounds, we can now tokenize open-ended funds, do multiple fund raising rounds over an extended period of time, or support offerings in which new assets are being incorporated at certain points in time, so that new tokens can be minted and offered to investors.
  • Bitcoin pay-outs. Tokens issued via the Securitize DS Issuance Platform can now provide pay-outs in Bitcoin to token holders. This is the case, in particular, for a token, which has just launched via our platform. Pay-out distribution for this DS Token has been implemented with a partnership with SlushPool, via a DS App built jointly that determines the token balances at distribution time and generates the payment orders.
  • Flexible pricing during investment flow. Issuers can now decide whether to set a fixed price for their tokens in primary issuance, or allow investors to provide a maximum price per token for their investment, for instance applying a Dutch auction model to price discovery. With this bid model, only the investors that go over a certain minimum will get tokens. This allows final token price to be set by the market, and issuers can optimize their fundraising performance. The image below shows an example for an issuer leveraging this feature:
In this example, the investor can choose their bid price for the asset as well as the amount to invest. Only investors bidding over the final settled price will actually get their tokens

All the new features are integrated into the existing capabilities of Securitize DS Issuance Platform, which enables those that want to tokenize some asset to:

  • Integrate investor on-boarding from any website.
  • Provide the right offering-discovery flow, depending on the investor’s country and the appropriate regulatory constraints.
  • Run KYC/AML checks on potential investors.
  • Run accreditation for required investors.
  • Allow investors to do an investment pledge.
  • Gather funds in fiat or crypto currencies.
  • Get investor’s signature in the appropriate documents for the offering.
  • Validate investor’s Ethereum wallets.
  • Deliver the Digital Securities into their wallets.

And of course, the tokens are issued following Securitize’s DS Protocol, so that our customers can manage the token’s lifecycle beyond the primary issuance, and investors can benefit from the wider Digital Securities ecosystem, accessing the liquidity provided by secondary trading partners and getting additional value from their tokens via DS Apps.

Securitize is the end-to-end technology platform for tokenizing any asset. Our DS Issuance Platform and DS Protocol are creating an ecosystem for Digital Securities, with dynamic and open participation of multiple actors (issuers, investors, exchanges), realizing the promise of liquidity, new ownership models and value that comes with Blockchain technology.

You can learn more about Securitize at our website:

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Thanks to Carlos Domingo.

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