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Full-Service Fund Liquidity Solution

Our comprehensive solution provides cost-effective formation, structuring, digitization, and administration for investment offerings in real estate, venture and private equity investment funds, direct deals, single asset investments, and other illiquid investment offerings.

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Streamlined and Efficient Global Advisory and Project Management Leveraging Our Expert Team of Industry Leaders

Turn-Key Comprehensive Digital Solution

Simplify the formation, structuring, digitization, and fund administration processes by consolidating all workflows on a fully digital platform that features a variety of liquidity options.

New Funds

Get started fast. Get started right.

Cost-effective formation, structuring and advisory via our complete Full-Service Fund Liquidity Solution. Get help where you need it most.

Existing Funds

Better back-office operations

Stop wasting time trying to manage complex accounting and shareholder servicing responsibilities. Leave it to the experts so you can focus on doing deals.

Upgraded Experience

Real-time data & expert assistance

Go digital and upgrade onboarding, reporting, distributions, and communications. Better liquidity. Better compliance. Better experience for all.

Let Securitize and Stonegate manage your investment offering from start to finish

Advisory & Set Up

  1. Global Advisory
  2. Fund & Investment Structuring
  3. Offering Documents (PPM, LPA and Subscription Agreements)
  4. Project Management
  5. Multi-Jurisdictional Investment Fund/Product Structuring (US, Cayman, BVI and others)
  6. Marketing Program Development
  7. Investment Offering Digitization
  8. AML/KYC accreditation & Investor onboarding dashboard

Administration & Operations

  1. Capital Calls
  2. Fund & Corporate Administration | Accounting
  3. Shareholder Reporting
  4. Portfolio and Partnership Accounting
  5. Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculations
  6. Transfer Agency
  7. Investment Distributions
  8. Built-in Regulatory Compliance
  9. Gatekeeper Services

Programmable Liquidity for Illiquid Funds

Upgraded liquidity options for your investors without adding back-office burdens.

Marketplace Integrations

Multiple Compliant Marketplaces

Enable investors to unlock liquidity through fully-compliant, global marketplaces.

Fully Digital Accounting

Track Investor Transfers in Real-Time

Fully digital fund management ensures your cap-table is always up to date.

Two Industry Leading Companies | One Great Solution

In partnership with Securitize, the Stonegate Global Full-Service Fund Liquidity Solution provides fund managers with an easy to scale, full-service fund and investment administration solution enabled with digital securities, providing issuers with additional channels for raising capital, while providing investors with enhanced transparency, automated compliance, and secondary liquidity.

About Stonegate

Stonegate Global Fund Services is an industry leader in fund formation, structuring, fund administration, and outsourced operations. The company is a diversified financial services organization that has serviced global institutional investment managers and family offices since 2007, and has advised, structured, and administered over 1,000 global investment funds, asset managers, and family offices. Stonegate Global is one of the world’s leading fund administrators in the Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, and Digitization sector. Stonegate Global has built a sophisticated technology infrastructure for providing fund administration services to highly-complex cryptocurrency funds, institutional blockchain technology funds, and digitized investment offerings for real estate, private equity, and venture capital offerings.

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