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Symbol Fund Description Source of Returns Yield1 Redemption Feature2 Securities Exemption Management Fee Staking
SUSD USDC Yield Fund Long USDC generating yield via lending beta+ 7.78% Monthly Reg D 506(c)/S 0.50%
SBTC BTC Yield Fund Long BTC generating yield via lending and options beta+ 3.92% Quarterly Reg D 506(c)/S 0.50%
SETH ETH Yield Fund Long ETH generating yield via lending, staking, and options beta+ -- Quarterly Reg D 506(c)/S 0.50%
SSPC Securitize S&P Crypto Fund Long basket of cryptocurrencies ex BTC and ETH beta+ -- Quarterly Reg D 506(c)/S 0.50%
SCMS Multi-Strategy Fund Diversified portfolio of market-neutral crypto hedge funds alpha -- -- -- --
-- Securitize Capital Opportunity Funds Bespoke investment strategies that optimize risk-adjusted returns absolute return -- -- -- --


Preserve capital while generating yield primarily through proprietary lending activities.

Alpha generation

Enhanced risk-adjusted returns through proprietary fund structures.

Securitize Capital Multi-Strategy Fund

Diversified portfolio of market-neutral crypto hedge funds.

Bespoke investment solutions

Tailored portfolios executing customized strategies for institutional investors.

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Current annualized net yield as of August 15, 2022. Yield is reset weekly, shown net of 0.5% fee and 1% expense cap.


Monthly redemption requires 7 days' notice; quarterly redemption requires 15 days' notice.

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