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Gain Exposure to Crypto With the Added Benefit of Yield

Introducing Securitize Capital's two inaugural cryptocurrency yield funds.

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Choose from our institutional-grade, actively managed funds to get crypto and digital asset exposure with variable yields.

Bitcoin Yield Fund

Designed for institutional and accredited investors, the Bitcoin Yield Fund is an actively managed yield fund that generates a total return composed of capital appreciation from direct exposure to Bitcoin and income derived from BTC-denominated lending.

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US Dollar Coin Yield Fund

Designed for institutional and accredited investors looking for stability plus return in a traditional bond alternative, the US Dollar Coin Yield Fund is an actively managed yield fund that generates income from USDC-denominated lending with industry leading partners. USDC is the second largest stablecoin by supply and is correlated with the US dollar.

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Latest News on Securitize Capital

On July 23, Securitize Capital, Inc announced the opening of its two inaugural funds, which provide investors with exposure to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance in the form of digital asset securities.

Securitize Opens Access to Two Cryptocurrency Yield Funds

On May 26, Securitize, Inc announced the launch of Securitize Capital and the planned launch of its two inaugural funds.

Securitize Announces Launch of Securitize Capital with Two Cryptocurrency Yield Funds

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Securitize Capital, a subsidiary of Securitize Inc. (the industry leader in digital asset securities for private capital markets) is working with other industry leading partners with a goal to develop the next generation of funds for institutional investors, family offices, and accredited investors.

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An investment in a private placement is highly speculative and involves a high degree of risk as well as the potential loss of your entire investment.

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