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What Are Digital Securities

Digital securities are easier to own, simpler to manage, and faster to trade. They're also the future of private markets and available today.

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60 Second Video: What are digital securities and why switch now?

Deliver a better investor experience while making your back-office operations more efficient.

Who Should Use Digital Securities?

  • Private Companies and Funds
  • Companies Selling Equity or Issuing Debt
  • Real Estate Funds

The Power of Digital

Learn how you can leverage the power of digital securities to gain an advantage in the market.

More Control

Leverage the power of digital technology.

Never lose track of your cap table with real-time visibility and reporting. Fully control liquidity, corporate actions, and compliance all from a single, convenient dashboard.

More Security

Bank-grade encryption for all transactions.

Protect your investors with cryptographically secure issuances and transactions with powerful management tools. Quickly and easily resolve any ownership issue.

More Efficiency

Save time & money for issuers and investors

Digital transactions resolve in seconds instead of weeks. Onboard investors quickly and efficiently. Manage corporate governance quickly and easily.

Trading Digital Securities vs. Paper-Based Securities

See how digital securities and the Securitize platform can save your investors and shareholders time and money during ownership transfers. Compliantly settle trades in minutes instead of months.

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Want to see how we use digital securities? Check out our product tours where you can get a closer look at the securitize platform in action.

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