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Private cloud platform trusted by the MLB, Google, Dell, Cisco, US Department of Defense, and IBM.


Founder funded

High traction without any outside capital

$1M in pipeline

$1,000,000+ sales in pipeline over the next 12 months

Proven product

The Mojo Platform is in production at Fortune 100 companies for 1.5+ years.

Strategic partnerships

20+ strategic partnerships with best-in-class brands

Voted "Best Ability to Gain Additional Capital"

Featured in BusinessWire, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

An investment opportunity offering exposure to the $80B IT infrastructure market.*

Metify is a leader within a niche known as “Bare-Metal”. Bare-Metal Servers are the fastest growing deployment type for data centers at a 43%+ compound annual growth rate since 2016.*

IaC (Infrastructure as Code) startup that benefits by scale with minimal growth costs.

The problem

Scaling servers at scale has traditionally been difficult

There are millions of servers supporting the apps you use everyday. Servers have complex needs and require regular maintenance. Building and maintaining servers at scale is expensive, error prone, manual, and time consuming.
Existing management toolsets are proprietary, complex & bloated. HP, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, etc...
No chip-level standards across OEM’s / Whiteboxes & competing proprietary features.
Complex FTE involvement, long lead times to build, provision, deploy and manage.
The solution

Metify's Mojo Platform

Mojo is an award-winning software tool that makes the discovery, provisioning, and maintenance of servers super simple.
Mojo Platform is the only fully REST-enabled Bare Metal as a Service Platform on the market. In partnership with the DMTF, it uses the Redfish API and other OPEN standards to work its low-level Discovery, Provisioning, and Automation magic.
Simply put, the Mojo Platform provisions and maintains servers of thousands of brands that you use every day by offering:
  • Bare Metal Enabled DevOps
  • Edge Control Platform
  • IaC – Private Cloud Platform

The product

Metify's Mojo Platform drives immediate value to customers

Multi-Vendor: Operating Dell, HPE, SMC, Cisco, etc. servers from a single platform, an industry first capability!
Security: Mitigating and correcting attack vulnerabilities, saving potential corporate damage costs upwards of $100M.
Governance: Completing server lifecycle management from OS load to disk wipe.
Velocity:  Reducing lead times for development teams from days to minutes.
Automation: Automating server builds, saving hundreds of millions in costs, saving time, and reducing human errors.

Hard Dollar Savings

  • VM Licenses
  • Single Tool vs Multiple OEM’s
  • Reduced FTE headcount

Soft Dollar Savings

  • Efficiency gains for FTE’s
  • Focus on strategic vs repetitive
  • Massive Time savings


180% year over year growth

Into the details

Case study: How Metify optimized MLB software

The Problem:  MLB and MiLB - 2021 & 2022 Ballparks Deployments

  • High VM Licensing Costs
  • Travel Expenses to Ballparks for Server Maintenance
  • New Apps Require Bare Metal Servers
  • Remote Capabilities to:
  • Provision OS's & Development Runtimes
  • BIOS / Firmware Upgrades
  • OS Patching
  • RAID Storage Configuration & Management
  • nVIDIA GPU Integration

The Solution: Mojo Platform

  • SMC & Dell Servers
  • OS - Ubuntu 20.04
  • Application Platform - Google Anthos
  • 3108 & Perc RAID Integration
  • 3 Weeks - Successful Deployment

The big wins

  • Greatly simplified provisioning and management of MLB’s bare-metal edge sites.
  • $100k+ plus in annual cost savings with the removal of unnecessary VM’s.
  • Push button provisioning of Anthos, BIOS, firmware, OS patches, upgrades, etc.
  • Big performance gains for GPU enabled apps.
  • Optimized CI/CD pipelines with removal of VM’s.
Business Model

Capitalizing on a mix of channel sales and direct sales to drive revenue.

Channel Sales: Mojo is sold to partners for use or resale.

  • Build factory - Partners use Mojo in their IC's.
  • Mojo Platform Server Subscriptions (MPSs)
  • Mojo Endpoint Licenses (MELs)
  • GTM Program - Partners Resell Mojo Subscriptions.
  • Mojo Platform Server Subscriptions (MPSs)
  • Mojo Endpoint Licenses (MELs)

Direct Sales: Metify sells directly to end customer

  • Mojo Platform Server Subscriptions (MPSs)
  • Mojo Endpoint Licenses (MELs)
  • Mojo Technology Partners
  • Red Hat, Google, Rancher, Hashi
  • Dell, HPE, SMC
  • Website
  • Social Media

Meet the team

Metify was founded by two guys that spent years designing, building, and operating data centers for large enterprises around the world. The lessons learned over those years of triumph and frustration have been distilled into their dream infrastructure and operations tool ➡️ Metify's Mojo Platform.

Michael R. Wagner – Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Wagner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Metify, a software startup based in Madison, Wisconsin. He began his career in 1995 as a network engineer when he joined IBM while still attending the University of Wisconsin Madison. He worked in several senior management positions at IBM in Boston and San Diego before joining Red Hat in 2010. Michael was head of channel sales and alliances for North America at Red Hat. He was one of the creators of Red Hat’s Apex Partner Program for SI’s implementing OpenShift / Kubernetes solutions in his final role before launching Metify. He has been a vocal advocate of channel sales for his entire career and continued his “channels first” approach at Metify.
“Culture is everything”, is at the top of Michael’s whiteboard in his office. His leadership style is guided by the mindful skills he has acquired over many years of practice. Kindness, transparency, and willpower are fundamental principles of Metify’s culture along with an emphasis on discovery and having fun. One of his favorite proverbs and goal for all Metify employees is, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in their life.” – Confucius 563bc

Ian Evans

Ian Evans is the Co-Founder and CTO of  Metify, a software startup based in Madison, Wisconsin. He began his career in 1999 as the Director of IT for Quintus Resorts. He got his first taste of working in a software startup when he next joined Wasabi Systems. As Director of Product Management at Wasabi, Ian was deeply involved in all aspects of product development and strategy. Ian’s broad expertise in cutting-edge infrastructure technology led him to multiple Sr. Architect positions with some of the top technology companies on the planet including AWS, Verizon, Lockheed Martin, and Red Hat. Ian’s final role before launching Metify was Principal Architect for WWT’s Global Open Solutions practice.
Ian’s love for innovation and obsession with making things work reliably and efficiently has defined his career. He conceptualized Mojo Platform as a revolutionary solution for infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams back in 2016. The thesis he wrote defining the solution was the genesis of Mojo Platform and led to the eventual launch of Metify.

What others are saying about Metify 💬

“Mojo Platform was an integral part of our Anthos ballpark roll out. Using Mojo we were able to streamline and simplify our development pipelines, cutting our deployment times in half.”

— MLB Lead SE Kevin Backman
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