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Senior Full Stack Developer | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Posted: Jun 2, 2020

Securitize is a global Fintech company that provides a platform to tokenize physical assets and issue digital securities (security tokens) on the blockchain. We are the world leader in digital securities issuance and as an investor-compliant platform.

Securitize's product is an end-to-end platform that enables venture funds and companies to raise funds. Through digital securities issuance and regulatory compliance transactions, we provide integrated functions from investor compliance verification to life cycle management.


The development team is doing all the development on Securitize's token issuing platform. In addition, we are also responsible for the development of the main localization API for connecting partner companies and the localization development in Japan.

We work with a globally distributed development team to develop the issuer system's microservices-based infrastructure, a robust API access layer, and a sophisticated UI for issuers to access.

As a system that potentially manages billions of assets, our products are always sought for simplicity and scalability, robust logic and testability. With flexibility and deadlines in mind, we need to develop fast and robust solutions to these requirements.

As a full-stack engineer, I'm responsible for end-to-end functionality, providing UI and backend components for implementation. You have to understand the big picture in your business and how your business influences the architecture in your system.


  • NodeJS work experience (typescript experience is welcome)
  • Database work experience (relational, non-relational)
  • React, Vue.JS, Anfular or similar framework
  • HTML and SCSS/CSS precompiler
  • Solidity experience (welcome)
  • Experience in developing systems that require high security (welcome)


  • At least 7 years of development experience as work
  • Experience developing complex front-ends that interact with the back-end such as routing, state management, authentication, performance, etc.
  • Understanding the UI. Intuitively understand what is important in the UI and ideally be able to reproduce each component pixel-perfectly.
  • Autonomy. Can solve problems without detailed instructions
  • No experience required, but strong interest in fintech and blockchain
  • Ability to pursue details and fill gaps in business requirements
  • English ability

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